White Psychology: The Snowball vs. Hell

We naturally feel a great deal of sympathy for the 'embryonic ethnostate' of Orania, but at the same time most of us know that it simply isn't going to work. This is because it is involved in the paradox that the more it works the less it will be allowed to work. If it flourishes – and being staffed by Whites it is pretty sure to work – it will just provoke more Black envy, greed and hatred as South Africa slides further into overpopulation, poverty, tribal chaos, and scapegoat-hungry tyranny. Imagine a bourgeois village in Stalinist Russia, a "Jew Town" in the Third Reich. This is not how loathed minorities survive.

As a means of White survival in South Africa, Orania is a non-starter. It is the proverbial snowball versus hell, but it is interesting in other of ways. It reveals much about the mindset of the White man and also points to why he is failing in the World at large, even as he succeeds in it in so many little ways.

The White man is an all-or-nothing kind of guy. He wants absolute, or macro, solutions, and if he doesn’t get them he has a tendency towards apathy and nihilism. Orania is exactly that – a macro solution surreally existing slightly above the micro scale.

Although in reality it is nothing but a small village, it has its own flag and pseudo-national pretensions – even a currency! It reflects the White man’s love of the big idea, when the reality is that such big ideas for the White man in South Africa became extinct when White voters chose to abdicate sovereignty in 1992.

That decision too was driven by the White man's love of the big idea. Rather than thinking things through on the micro level and coming to a common sense conclusion, as those of other races and cultures would surely have done, the White man got carried away by the big idea, which at that time was Francis Fukuyama's "End of History" schtick.

The main victims of the collapse of Communism in 1989-1991 were not the members of the old communist elites. Many of those landed on their feet. Its main victims were ordinary White South Africans suckered into voting for 'Morgan Freeman' shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Voting for their own votes to become meaningless was, they imagined, just another way to be at the winning table in the restaurant at the end of history, after which it would all be about market economies and being chilled out about race. Snowballs would naturally come out on top.

The White man's love for big ideas, abstractions, and macro solutions that blanket the variety and complexity of the micro level of everyday reality is one of his most noticeable psychological quirks. It is one that is by no means shared to the same degree by other races and those of different cultures. This trait, going by the damage it has done to European man, is also the cuckoo in the nest and the python in the toy box.

Explaining its origins is a massive undertaking, but obviously a worthwhile one. Perhaps it reflects a love of simplicity that comes from the habitual strains placed on the White man's mind by an over-achieving civilization that pushes him to the four corners of the world, into space, cyberspace, and forces him to touch, attain, and understand everything in the universe. Other cultures have much more limited, realistic, and psychologically healthy objectives. In short, they are less Faustian. The focus is much more on what is in front of people.

Whatever his politics, the White man has two modes: crusade or apathy – all or nothing. Each of these flow from the same disconnect from actual reality. This is why the White man is chiefly behind things like alcohol, morality, philosophy, computer games, the novel, virtual reality, pornography, and Facebook. He is the virtualizer, the tumbleweed that can’t root in reality. His universalism makes the universe too small for him. His abstraction makes the smallest bit of reality too big for him.

A slight change in temperature has him envisaging one world government; an unkind word a police state; racial tensions genocide either of other or, more typically nowadays, his own race. National wars push him to strive for the abolition of all nations and then to react and go in the opposite direction towards some kind of elves-and-wizard feudalism. His political dissatisfactions lead him to swallow conspiracy theories and ever more virtuality, apathy, and mental and manual masturbation. White Lefty and White Righty both agree on the same thing that someone in a mask is fucking everybody with his tentacles. Download that onto your hard drive for hours of endless fun.

But back to Orania: at least the place is not just a Facebook campaign page or a computer game scenario. It’s made of real bricks and bits of wood, all lovingly baked in the South African sun. So, at least, on one level it’s real. But, on another, it’s about as substantial as a desert mirage, an illusion that will disappear, just as surely as other White Shangri-las founded on outsized ideas did.

The problem Whites in South Africa face is not what to call their "new country" or what to put on "the flag." The founders of Orania have already overcome those 'massive' obstacles. It is how to survive as a detested and envied minority amidst a massive, hostile, and poor population. Obvious historical parallels are the Jews in the Middle Ages, the Armenians in the Middle East, perhaps even the Chinese in South East Asia. Play your cards right and you might even get to found a new Singapore some day. But Orania is clearly jumping the gun. White South Africans simply don't have the pure, unquestioned sense of culture and identity of any of these groups; hence politics, carts before horses, and artificial attempts at identity.

Orania is a macro solution for a people who opted to be micro in 1992. As such it is doomed. But I do not – and never will – advocate apathy and surrender. White survival in South Africa, which is essentially a case of Afrikaner or Boer survival, has to happen at the level at which the Boers now live, the micro level. Right now perhaps the most pressing problem they face is being targeted, tortured, killed, and mutilated on their isolated farmsteads. That is the reality and the one they should be responding to on the micro level of specific places and direct, personal involvement. No doubt some of them are, but a lot more are definitely not.

The obvious thing for isolated Boer families to do is not to abandon their lands and move to what could very well become the future ANC-run concentration camp of Orania, but to club together and create small fortified hamlets in the areas they have always farmed. Such hamlets could have between three and nine families and be located in the centre of a group of individual farms.

They would not bother with cute, little details like flags, their own currency, and possible merchandising deals with White Nat websites in the United States. Instead they would focus relentlessly on the practicalities of survival, like weapons, concealment of weapons, food supplies, surveillance, networking with similar communities, and keeping a low profile. They would have no political agenda, no chest-beating big idea to attract attention and further persecution, but like the Jews in the middle ages, the Armenians in the Middle East, the Chinese in South East Asia, they would be nobody's fool: grass-roots organization and ingrained solidarity rather than political theorizing and ineffectual posturing.

Such hamlets would make it much harder for thugs and gangs to attack them. Any attacks that did succeed would have to be much bigger in scale, which would also make it harder for the media to ignore. But while such communities would be too big to attack at this level they would also be too small to attract the attention of the government, except in special cases. This, rather than the cock-snooting, Ruritanian antics of Orania, is a solution that would work on the micro level of reality and personal involvement.

But, unfortunately, the White man prefers macro solutions to micro problems. For each Boer family wiped out, speeches are made, websites founded, and calls go up to stop the killing of the Boers. Vague, expansive hopes are raised that the global media will eventually start paying attention, leading to diplomatic and humanitarian pressure that will miraculously bring a change of heart to the ANC and the magical cessation of atrocities. One ineffectual big idea after another – macro, macro, macro! – sandwiched together with unrealistic assumptions. "I'm not doing anything until the government does something," seems to be a common thought.

Orania is lost somewhere between the micro and macro level. It's both too big to succeed and too small to survive. It’s too small to break away from the political environment that will ultimately kill it, and in the meantime, with its flag and pseudo national pretensions, it just calls attention to itself and reminds Blacks that, "yes, these people are your racial enemies. Kill them."

Orania reveals the White man’s original sin: It is his love of the absolute and the macro, his passion for the all-encompassing combined with his refusal to fight effectively on the micro level. It is this that bars him from the Garden of Eden of security for his race.

Colin Liddell
Alternative Right
1st July, 2012

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