One of the more interesting phenomenon among some on the right-wing and White nationalist side of politics is an obsession with Jews.

Yes, on average Jewish people do tend to lean towards all the things right-wingers hate. They are typically cosmopolitan, left-wing, and liberal. Also their tendency to support policies like multiculturalism, mass immigration, political correctness, and sexual liberation (=low birth rates) can be interpreted as part of a scheme to make White Christian societies less Christian and White. In the view of their long history as a minority in such states, such policies are at least understandable if not commendable. But it should also be noted that these very same policies also serve to make these same societies less Jewish, which is clearly a paradox.

This ideological antipathy towards Jews can however get out of hand to the extent that some White nationalists start seeing the Jew as all-powerful, as an almost supernatural creature that uses financial power (the Federal Reserve) and cabalistic magic (Hollywood and "Cultural Marxism") to crush White identity and traditionalism.

An auxiliary notion is the idea that Jews are all working together and have a grand plan. This may or may not be true. Human nature and our tendencies to squabble, misunderstand, and identify in diverse ways suggests that it is untrue. The history of the Soviet Union, where, in the early years, Jews dominated the ruling Communist elite before being entirely squeezed out of dominant positions, suggests that it is also untrue for Jews.

The idea of the "magic Jew" is the ultimate disempowering victim narrative for Whites. It is the Jew as Godzilla, before whom all must flee. Few White nationalists stop to think how insulting this is to White people, postulating, as it does, that they are mere sheep, easily corrupted, corralled, and controlled by the much smarter and cunning Jew. In a perverted way it is a kind of Jew-worship with Oedipal overtones: "The Jew is god and we must kill god." But of course they know they are not the ones for this epic task, and so place their faith in a monstrous counterpart to deal the death blow.

One of the adages of warfare is to never underestimate your enemy, but when you see start to see him as a 300-meter-tall radioactive monster, crushing everything in his path, then you have perhaps gone too far in the other direction.

Colin Liddell
Caligula's Horse
26th April, 2013

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