Monday, 24 October 2016

Data: American Diabetes

Stop Overestimating America

I’m a polite guy, so I didn’t really want to say this just yet, but it looks like I have to because everyone and their cat seems to be grabbing hold of the wrong end of the stick. OK, ready? Here goes:
America is a geopolitical idiot, a moron nation whose position as the world’s leading power has nothing to do with its meagre or non-existent merits. In fact, to be brutally honest, it’s a dysfunctional entity with a sub-standard population, and a leadership that would be better off wearing bells. In a just and fair world it would be about the size of Belgium and surrounded by a high wall.
Although this may sound like a bit of a rant, America is pretty much what you would expect if you spent a few hundred years clearing all the rubbish out from Europe – religious fanatics, convicts, rootless sociopaths, mental cases, bottom-of-the-heapers, and other various outcasts and failures – and dumping them all in a big, empty continent with a liberal sprinkling of losing tribalists from Africa. Yes, America is exceptional, exceptionally crap, and the only reason it was able to become the world’s leading power was because the World’s truly great powers all cancelled each other out.

Sunday, 9 October 2016


Badass in the Donbas: one of your buttons has just been pushed.

America's "Shit Happens" Foreign Policy adopted by the 'Solaris State'

When the present problems between Russia and the West, centring on the Ukraine, first started to come to prominence earlier this year, the first thing I noticed was the increasing partisan pitch and self-delusion among all parties concerned.

The "pro-democracy" advocates had their KoolAid poured fresh from cartons courtesy of Kolor-Яevolutions-Я-Us, the Ukrainians Nats were all dewy-eyed about some alternative universe where "Great Ukraine" had always existed, and the more extreme Duginists had their Polandball-like doctrine "because Octopus" and Manichean intolerance for all who would not prostrate themselves before Putin the Great.


Thanks, America!
Love and being the United States of America means never having to say you're sorry (at least not yet). It also means being pompously and ludicrously self-righteous – a bit like someone with a toilet seat around their neck offering you advice on etiquette.

The latest clanger in this line was dropped by Chuck Hagel, the US defence (sic) secretary at a recent three-day summit held in Singapore, where he accused China of being a "destabilizing force" in the South China Sea. Yes, perhaps in that little patch of brine, but what kind of authority does America have to accuse any country of destabilizing anywhere? After all, this is a country that is currently supporting factions – or simply stirring the shit – in on-going bloodbaths in Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine.


The recent European elections are not the way that civilizations are saved, and the promising results for a number of slightly more realistic parties may in fact be outliers before the anti-democratic system reasserts itself using its usual tricks. We have been here before. When the BNP threatened the political consensus in the UK a few years ago, there was a sudden clanking of gears and whirring of wheels as the Great Machine went into action to eradicate the threat, which was done by a variety of techniques:
  • Racial swamping of the areas involved
  • Intense canvassing and the establishment of a detailed voter database to allow tailored approaches to individual voters
  • Comforting (and patronizing) noises about the need to understand "the concerns of ordinary voters"
  • Cloaked threats about the consequences of voting BNP both at the community level and the individual level
  • The promotion of "suitable" alternatives, which is essentially how UKIP got its big start
  • Cultural immersion in anti-racism
The result of this is that while the fake nationalists of UKIP have done rather well this time, the UK actually lost the two real nationalist MEPs – Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons – that it had elected last time.

Monday, 12 September 2016


Leftists: self abnegating and selfish at the same time.
One of the chief characteristics of modernity is a departure from traditional morality, but merely deviating from such morality does not mean the abnegation of that morality, which is founded on eternal truths. Rather it is a form of negative affirmation of that morality. Therefore we should not be surprised that such deviation creates a strong sense of moral inferiority among those who choose that path, and thus impels a desperate need to offset it and reset the moral balance.

This simple psychological equation can be used to explain much of what we see in Leftism and why the extreme Left tends to attract the viler kinds of human being.

Global distribution of Inbreeding

An interesting map and the distribution and concentration seem highly plausible, although I am not sure what the criteria of inbreeding, relative to the percentages given, is. I assume it means marrying within a first or second cousin. It is also clear that some countries showing up as white on the map are doing so simply because there is no information. Most of South East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa fall into this category. I assume inbreeding in those areas is rather high.