The Manifesto of Parametrism

1. Politics is dysfunctional because it gives power to politicians, and the PEOPLE hate politicians.

2. Politics is dysfunctional because it does not and can not represent the PEOPLE or their interests.

3. Politics is dysfunctional because politicians need money so they can and will ALWAYS be bought.

4. Politics is dysfunctional because it is too complex and time-consuming for ordinary people to follow, understand, and participate in.

5. Politics is dysfunctional because PEOPLE can only take a meaningful interest in politics if they become politicians, and to become one you need your own money or somebody else's. In other words, you have to be rich, a crook, or a puppet.

6. Politics is dysfunctional because politicians are essentially competitive liars.

7. Politics is dysfunctional because the only checks and balances are other politicians – elected or unelected (appointees).

8. A politician is defined by the term of his office. Anything beyond that term – the wealth, security, and happiness of future generations for example – he will freely sacrifice for political advantage next Tuesday.

9. Politics is dysfunctional! Death to politics!

10. To kill politics we have to limit it. This is the essence of PARAMETERISM.

11. The aim of PARAMETERISM is not to limit some politicians. That would only empower other politicians. The aim of PAREMETERISM is to limit all politicians, politicians as a class, and the role of politicians.

12. A limited politician in a limited class of politicians will be forced, against his nature, to better represent the interests of the people and to be more honest.

13. The essence of PARAMETERISM is the setting of rigid parameters and unbreakable boundaries to political activity.

14. Because politics is tainted, the PARAMETERS must not be selected according to political criteria, but instead on the basis of the Common Sense Philosophy, that is, they must be what all sane people can understand and see to be right.

15. PARAMETERISM is non-political. It is neither of the left or right, the horizontal or the vertical, but instead it creates a secure space in which the people can be either left or right,
horizontal or vertical.

16. An analogy: PARAMETERS are the roof and walls of the house you live in. Politics is the junk to choose to fill your house with.

17. With good PARAMETERS, the scope for politics to do harm will be greatly diminished. The scope for the people to make foolish, short-termist choices through dishonest self-serving politicians will be greatly limited.

18. The first example of PARAMETERISM is financial: in any year the government will only be allowed to spend what it can raise in taxes that same year. In this way, the government will be forced to be financially honest and arithmetically literate. More spending will mean more taxes, which will mean getting permission from the voters. Now politicians can simply borrow more, creating debts for the unborn, or invent new money that devalues existing money, and then use that money to buy votes. This creates infinite opportunities for deceit.

19. If the government has some major project that it can't finance in one year, then it can set aside some money each year until it has enough, instead of devaluing the PEOPLE's money and indebting future generations.

20. Under a system of PARAMETERISM the creditworthiness of any nation would be irrelevant. For this reason there would be no reason not to default on ALL government held debts. This will punish the financial elites who have benefitted from the present system.

21. The second example of PARAMETERISM is demographic. Politicians use population change for political and economic reasons. If immigrants will vote for them they will allow immigration. If immigrants benefit their donors – cheap labour – they will allow immigration. If immigrants will produce a temporary boost to the economy – by reducing the dependency ratio, for example – they will also allow immigration.

22. As with borrowing or printing money, the long-term consequences and future costs are not their concern, for they are politicians.

23. Under a system of PARAMETERISM the demographic stability of the nation will be one of the unalterable parameters, with immigration limited to numbers scientifically proven to pose no demographic, racial, or cultural threat to the indigenous population.

24. If a politician wants more votes he will have to convince the people already in the country to vote for him, not import outsiders to vote for him. He will have to appeal to his donors by offering them something besides a swamped labour market. If the indigenous population is falling and there is not enough people to pay for future pension contributions, then the real problem must be addressed: spending cuts, priorities changed, and birth rates boosted.

25. The essence of PARAMETERISM is to take power away from the politicians and to give it to the incorruptible parameters themselves, making them, in a sense, sacred. In this way, politicians will be forced to act in the best or better interests of the country, or will have much less power when they act maliciously.

26. Here endth the First Manifesto of PARAMETERISM.

Colin Liddell
17th February, 2013
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