Idiotology I

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Beware ideology for it is the stick of the cripple, and once you place it under your arm your leg might shrivel.

"Dog" is a good word. Say it and people know what you mean. "Ideology" however looks like a bed sheet covering something. That’s because it is a bed sheet covering something. You now understand the meaning and even the purpose of ideology. It is to obfuscate.

Ideology never 'is' something but is always 'about' something: the ghost 'outside' the machine, rather than the one 'in' the machine. In short it is an attempt to haunt the machine, but I doubt that machines can be haunted much.

But why would you attempt to invoke a ghost in front of a machine? The only possibility would be to confuse the operative using the machine, distract the mechanic fixing the machine, or to bewilder the engineer studying the machine to create another machine.

Ideology is thus an attempt to drown out the clanking of the gears or to trick someone into believing that the noise is the growling of the monster or the grumblings of the devil.

Is your leg starting to feel numb already?

But why is the witchdoctor meddling? Why can't he accept the reality of the machine? Perhaps he does or did, but he doesn't want you to. That's why he invented ideology. Mumbo-jumbo to make you step back and allow him to pull the levers, control the dials, or to place so deftly a spanner in the works. He wants either to control the machine or to break it.

Reject all ideology. Reject all ideas that you don't understand, and remember that nowadays especially ideology is made to be never understood. It also exists to make you read books by people who can't write.

Colin Liddell
Caligula's Horse
30th December, 2012

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