White Self-Loathing and its Discontents

The White race, despite its many achievements and admirable qualities, is paradoxically the race most prone to self-loathing (intraracial loathing). Some see this as a sinister cultural imposition, as if a people can be brainwashed into despising itself by its own cultural preferences! This thesis is obviously problematic, for in the present age we only consume the culture that appeals to us. It is far more likely that the White race has an inherent tendency towards intra-racial loathing that is part of its very nature. But what could be the basis of such dangerous and self-destructive characteristic?

One possibility is that this characteristic has a correlation with another important difference between the races. But, according to J. Philippe Rushton's r/K theory, Whites occupy an intermediate position in the spectrum of observed biological and behavioral differences. This middle position ostensibly makes it hard to account for the White tendency toward intraracial loathing, as we would expect one of the other races on the extremes of the spectrum to show an even greater tendency for self-loathing, which is obviously not the case.

However, there is one area where Whites step out of their middle position in the race spectrum. This is in the shape of their IQ bell curve. The White intelligence bell curve is flatter than the Black or Oriental bell curves, with less in the middle and more at the extremes. This is clear even without clear cut statistical proof, for otherwise how can we explain massive preponderance of White geniuses throughout history even though Orientals have a higher average IQ? Living as I do in Japan, it is obvious that Japanese are closer to each other in terms of intelligence, something that is also interestingly reflected in the lower pay differentials between the top and bottom jobs. In its essence, the Orient has always been more democratic than the West.

Due to the ironic wok-like shape of the White IQ bell curve there is a much greater spread of intelligence levels than there is among Blacks and Orientals, and thus more inequality of ability. The White race is therefore inherently hierarchical.

But how does such a characteristic create self-loathing?

It would seem logical to conclude that a racial group that includes greater inequalities of intelligence and ability would develop a more marked tendency to discriminate amongst its own racial brethren. Such a tendency would necessarily include a facility for loathing certain members of one's own race so as to created a stratified society. There are many kind of hatred. Loathing, while largely a synonym of hatred, also includes a feeling of aversion or avoidance, and is more stable. In other words, the result of loathing is not so much destructive desire as the wish to keep others at a distance and in a position of inferiority. Of course, when such a relationship is alterred, loathing can be transformed into more destructive hatred.

In our present age, hatred is seen in terms of pure evil, which is obviously ridiculous as our capacity to hate is as much part of what we are as our arms and our legs, that is, it is something entirely natural and is there for a reason or several reasons. In pre-modern times, the White tendency for intraracial loathing would largely be beneficial, helping to organize and define a class-based society that roughly mirrored the hierarchy of ability.

A question arises of how widespread such intraracial loathing would be. Would it just involve the dominant elite looking down on those below them? Given that traditional societies had several ranks it seems likely that the tendency would be present in every class and grade and may even have operated in both directions, with inferiors loathing in their own way the superiors who loathed them.

Although other non-White hierarchical societies would show similar class separation tendencies involving intraracial hatred, the much wider spread of talents among Whites means that the tendency would be a lot more pronounced among them.

In a premodern situation, where the intraracial loathing was directed at class formation and maintenance, this would have presented no problem as the instinct would be expressed constructively and lead to a situation of relatively stable separation, with some flow between the different social levels. Problems may have arisen when the separation became too rigid and the groups became isolated from each other, but these problems could be remedied or mitigated by uprisings, wars, or alternative hierarchies, such as religious ones.

A more serious problem was the tendency in the last few hundred years to move away from a hierarchical framework towards a more egalitarian one, as this displaced the instinct for intraracial loathing in dangerous directions. In early modernity, as egalitarianism spread, White self-loathing lost its essential qualitative aspect and was instead expressed in religious sectarianism and nationalism. The hatred that Europeans showed each other from the 16th to 20th centuries was remarkable and far outweighed any hatred directed at the rest of the World.

The trivialization of religion and the marginalization of nationalism in the era of global egalitarianism meant that the instinct then lost these substitute outlets, leaving this essential hierarchical tendency stranded in an egalitarian wasteland.

With no substitute outlets and no hierarchy into which it can feed, White self-loathing has become a disembodied and dangerous force. It instinctively seeks dominance and separation but is forced to exalt inferiority and insist on unity and hate those Whites who don't follow these dictates. This is doubly confusing because it also means that the hierarchical standard itself is lost, creating the kind of blind struggle where loathing has a tendency to turn into destructive and totalitarian hatred.

The essential inequality of Whites, compared to other races, means that an egalitarian society is not just wrong for them but harmful in ways that it is not for Blacks or Orientals. To impose egalitarianism on Whites is therefore a form of genocide.

Caligula's Horse
2nd June, 2013

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